Technology Innovation Management

Analyzing Problems > Setting Strategy > Proposing Innovative Solutions > Setting processes > Managing Change

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We love technology, we see new opportunities

We follow up modern technology and trends. We will help you find the right technologies for your needs.

Information and Communication Technologies
Transport Telematics
Renewable Energy, Smart Grids
Maps and Mapping Services
Intelligent and Efficient Buildings
LBS Services, Navigation
Indoor Localization

A unique solution:
Live Smart Building for Testing Home Autmation and Energy Savings Systems


We will help you implement innovation

Increase your competitiveness. Improve your products and processes. We will help you also with applied research and development.

In today's dynamic times it is important not only gain the ability to rapid innovation, but also to timely recognize,
which innovation will be successful and which one just delays you on the road to success.

Applied Research and Development
Product Innovation
Product portofolio Innovation
Process Innovation
Support for Research Projects


We manage projects, processes, areas and businesses

We offer comprehensive services from help with project preparation, project assesment, project management to project acceptance - whether it is an IT project, acquisition of investment unit or introduction of a new product or process.

PRINCE2 (certification)
Agile methods

Project management
Process control and quality control (ISO 9000)
Product Lifecycle Management
Preparation of grant and investment projects incl. CBA
Management bussines areas or entire companies


We will help you find the right direction

Whether your are engaged in business or administration of public property, you need to go down the right path - set strategic objectives that will help you to fulfill your vision. We'll help you find that path, follow your path and correct the proper course.

Market / Market Opportunities Analysis
Product/ Project Portfolio Optimization
Determination of Product Strategy
Determination of Corporate Strategy

Even travelling with a fast car can take a very long time ... unless we know where we are going or what is the way.


There is a number of successful projects and products behind us , but most of all we appreciate that our clients use our services in the long term. We prefer quality over quantity.

We will do maximum for YOU